Tabs or Spaces?

While this is not a true application of the programming debate hidden in the title – I have to apologize for the tab issue in the updated version of the bylaws that may have made some of your hearts palpate (I know mine did when someone kindly called me to tell me the mistake). Everything should now appear corrected in the version of the bylaws here, and available on the Resources page – but the update means that the link in your email is now broken. Thanks for your understanding in this duct tape and wire fix. XO, Erynn


Bylaws, Review and Refresh

With the changing of the guard this year, we thought it would be a good time to sit down and take a good, hard look at our Bylaws. The guild has changed and matured over time, and we think it is important for the Bylaws to reflect those changes – so that’s just what we did. We are sharing with you a “marked up” version so you can see the changes, and we will have a discussion at the November meeting and a vote to approve these changes. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to email

We look forward to seeing you in November and gearing up to kick off another great year! Sincerely, your 2017 & 2018 Executive Boards aka Holly J., Michelle, Erynn, Amber, Cristy, Sara, & Holly H.

October Meeting Minutes

October 21, 2017 3-6:30pm
Desert Oasis Park [Chandler]

  • Welcome
    • Introduction of new members & guests
  • Secretary Report
    • Approval of September 2017 meeting minutes
      • Motion by Holly H
      • Second by Kim J
      • All in favor (literally), no opposed or abstains
    • Sunday, October 29, 10-2 Techshop class to get certified on longarm. Signs ups online on TechShop Chandler class page
    • A few spots have opened up for the Wee-Treat, call or text fairy godmother of wee-treats, Amber, before EOD Sunday or they will be turned back into regular Inn rooms at midnight!
  • President Report
    • November meeting – Mulqueens 1-4pm
      • Holiday project sewing time
    • December meeting –
      • Holiday Potluck at Amber’s house in PV 1-4pm
      • Potluck signups & more info to go out around November meeting
      • This year we will be doing a “dirty Santa” gift exchange … to participate bring a WRAPPED favorite sewing notion (fabric, notions, etc) worth apps $15. We will draw numbers open gifts and have the ability to steal them too! It’s lots of fun you won’t want to miss it!
    • Block Lottery
      • Draw raffle ticket for October winner – Congrats Lori!! 42 blocks!
      • November Block – Ugly Christmas Sweater! Here is a free one, of you may use one you already own… 6″ finished please, Kona White background.
        • If you use the free pattern, you do not have to do the tree and checkerboard – you may fussy-cut something festive for the sweater body!
    • Sip N Sew trying to book first week of Nov, stay tuned
    • Swag bags available for purchase and pick up, $12; still available online
  • Vice President Report
    • Entries for QuiltCon close Nov 30 at midnight!!
    • Be sure to claim your free show pass before the cutoff, even if you don’t think you’re going to go, just in case – it’s a benefit of your membership and you should take advantage of it!
  • Treasurer Report
    • Balance as of last meeting $3208.80
    • Money in: $572.00
    • Money out: $203.88
    • New balance: $3576.92
      • Money in was from one new membership and project bags
      • Money out was from refund of destash tables, Paypal fees, and reimbursement for the pavilion
  • Committee Announcements
    • Block of the Month [Melissa]
      • Present this month’s block – improv pieced arrow, see blog page
    • Swap [Ana]
      • Swap – boxy bags, postponed until November for more participants!
    • Charity [Sharon]
      • Dropped off kits to piece blocks together
      • KITS ARE DUE IN NOVEMBER, no exceptions. A huge thank you to everyone who took one (or a few!)
      • We will need more people to help assemble the quilt, get it quilted, bound, and with a casing for display!
      • Bee [Nancy/Carol]
        • Bee meets after meeting/before workshop
    • Hospitality [Amber]
      • 2 spots open for Wee Treat, book via Amber before EOD Sunday or gone and open to public
  • Door Prize Drawing
    • Prizes/Sponsors this month
      • Thanks very much to Purl Soho for the lovely scrap packs!
    • Winners
      • Lori, Kim, Jen & Kate
  • SHOW & TELL–What makes your piece modern?
  • Swap
  • Vitamin D Bee
  • Photography lecture and session in the park
  • Adjournment

September Meeting Minutes

PHXMQG Meeting Agenda

September 16, 2017 1-4pm

Mulqueens Sewing Center (Mesa)


  • Introduction of new members & guests
    • Welcome Julie & Kathleen!

Secretary Report

  • Approval of August 2017 meeting minutes
  • Next sip n sew will be scheduled and eVites sent to members; good turnout at last one

President Report

  • October Meeting Info – quilt photos at Veterans’ Oasis Park 3-6pm for good lighting
  • Project bags – $12 each (less than what was announced at meeting! Sale!)
  • Block Lottery
    • Draw raffle ticket for September winner
    • October Block:  Economy blocks in a Halloween fabrics!
  • Save the date for AMH workshop March 30th (pm) lecture on color theory; Sat March 31st all day workshop “Valuable Lessons”
  • Vote on board for 2018.  Slate is as follows
    • President:  Amber Eilers
    • VP:  Cristy Fincher
    • Secretary:  Erynn Truex
    • Treasurer: Sara Brown
    • Vote results: Fawna made a motion to approve the slate, Ana seconded, motion was approved – congrats new board!
  • New board will start setting up committees and appointing chairs to ensure 2018 is planned and set by end of the year!
  • New board:  anything you want to address with membership?
  • Q3 challenge – present and vote on winner, guest judge Carrie Bloomston!!
    • Congrats Erika!
  • Destash fees will be refunded
  • AQG will be notified that the Destash has been cancelled

Treasurer Report

  • Balance as of last meeting $3769.66
  • Money in: $150.00; 3 new members, t-shirt sales, destash tables
  • Money out: $690.86; project bags, domain renewal, PayPal fees
  • New balance: $3208.80


Committee Announcements

  • Block of the Month [Melissa]
    • Present this month’s block
    • Next year’s BOM will be from Lindsey for $5, her new pattern
      • PayPal link will be announced when it is online
  • Swap [Ana]
  • Challenge [Kirsten]
    • No Q4 challenge due to holidays!
  • Charity [Sharon]
    • Quiltcon blocks due today.
  • Bee [Nancy/Mary]
    • Bee meets after meeting/before workshop

Door Prize Drawing

  • Prizes/Sponsors this month – Thank you Warm & Natural for the queen-sized battings
    • Winners
      • Carol, Nedra, and Erika – congrats!

Other Announcements

  • SHOW & TELL–What makes your piece modern?
  • Swap
  • Vitamin D Bee



Great PHX Modern Quilting Bee – Season 2

The Great Phoenix Modern Quilting Bee, Season 2 – The Ohio Star

Join us next Saturday, September 16th, 1:00pm at the Mulqueens Clubhouse for the sew-off of the season!  After the business portion of the meeting, the gloves come off and the competition is on.  The challenge is to take this traditional quilt block and to transform it into something modern. Your finished mini-mini must preserve one element of the original block.

The Rules:

  • You have one week to think up your master plan, you can even practice and post intimidating photos to IG to scare the competition
  • You may CUT your pieces ahead of time, but nothing else. No sewing, no pressing, no making binding, no glue basting, etc.
  • You will have two and a half hours to complete a mini-mini – defined as a 12″x12″ or larger finished size, quilted and bound piece of amazing modern quilting
  • You must preserve one element of the original block (the picture’s colors don’t count, but they are pretty!)

The Pudding:

  • Mini-minis will be displayed, our favorites voted for (you cannot vote for your own) and the winner takes all, including but not limited to: bragging rights, queen sewing bee status, Instagram fame, oh, and some awesome prizes.


August Meeting Minutes

PHXMQG Meeting Agenda

August 19, 2017 1-4pm

The Tech Shop, Chandler


  • Introduction of new members & guests

Secretary Report

  • Approval of July 2017 meeting minutes
    • Motion by Teresa
    • Second by Cristy
    • Approved
  • Sip and Sew upcoming – evites will go out when we get date confirmation from The Village

President Report

  • September Meeting Info
    • GPMSB block posting on Sept 9th
    • Details as to how the challenge works
    • Prizes
    • We will be meeting at Mulqueens Clubhouse, 1pm, Saturday, September 16th
  • MQG Info
    • Michael Miller challenges are in and here, if you weren’t present Holly will mail to you
  • Block Lottery – thread spools
    • Draw raffle ticket for August winner
      • Mary Wilkes!
    • September Block I Spy Jars by Missouri Star
      • Video here
      • Please use KONA WHITE for the background
  • Vote to amend bylaws for this year only to hold vote for 2018 board in September to enable the new board to plan before the holidays and be ready for 2018 in January
    • Motion by Cristy, second by Mari, zero Nays, majority I’s
    • This is the final call for any interest in board positions, we do have volunteers for a full 2018 board at present
    • Potential chair positions (BOM, Swaps, Charity, etc) should also let Holly J know of their interest so she can pass them along to the new board and the new board will appoint chair persons.

Treasurer Report

  • Balance as of last meeting $3,580.26
  • Money in: $290 – membership, t-shirt sales, tables sold for yard sale
  • Money out: $120.60 (this includes all PayPal fees which have been taken out all year – we will now be including these each month)
  • New balance: $ 3,749.66

Committee Announcements

  • Block of the Month [Melissa]
    • FPP Whiskers block, see BOM page for details
  • Swap [Ana]
    • No swap for August meeting
    • September Swap – pillow cases
  • Challenge [Kirsten]
    • 3rd Quarter Challenge Reminder – Carrie Bloomston fabrics, make whatever you like! It can be quilty, it can be a home good, an accessory, clothing!
  • Charity [Sharon]
    • Quiltcon Charity Quilt – all QuiltCon Charity Quilt blocks are due NEXT MONTH
  • Bee [Nancy/Mary]
    • Bee meets after meeting/before workshop, no new announcements
  • Hospitality [Amber]
    • Wee Treat sign ups
    • There are a few spots left! Message Amber to sign up
      • Nov 3-5, Fri-Sun for more quilty fun
      • $230 for a single occupancy room, $115/person for double occupancy
      • We are limited to 14 people overall because of the sewing space
      • A light breakfast will be provided Saturday morning at the Copper Needle
      • Dinner will be provided Friday evening at Amber’s
      • Lavender Farm class option on Sunday, Llama farm visit also a Sunday option
    • If you’re Instagramming quilty projects, be sure to use the hashtag #PHXMQG to be easily found and reposted as we increase traffic on our guild Instagram account
  • Garage Sale [Teresa]
    • Unfortunately, the TechShop has had to deny our request for the space due to another event. We are trying to keep the date and find a new venue. Once that has been secured we will notify all table holders of the new details. If we don’t have a solution by the September meeting, we will refund table sellers and try again next year! We apologize for the inconvenience, we are super bummed, but these things happen!

DEMO DAY!  Start at 2:00