February Sew-Together Bag Clinic

Have you ever admired the Sew-Together bags of some of our crew? How everything nicely fits in the zippy pockets and pouches, and stays together for travel! But they’re intimidating to think about making, let’s be honest. Mine sat in a WIP pile for a year. There, I said it.

Well, that extra push you might have been waiting for is coming at the February meeting, and her name is Kirsten. For those of you who don’t know, K is basically a pro at these bags – and a great person to help coach you through your first one, so that’s exactly what we’ve asked her to do. Interested in tapping into her expertise, here’s all you need to do:

  1. Buy the Sew-Together bag pattern. Craftsy is the easiest place for a .pdf download, but there should be paper copies available online and from some brick-and-mortars in the area if you want to call around.
  2. Get your supplies! You’ll need some interfacing and zippers in addition to your fabrics – so make sure to plan ahead. There are some great online resources for zippers if you want something special (here and here), in addition to local big box stores.
  3. We highly suggest you CUT, label your pieces, and INTERFACE BEFORE the meeting. Sure, you could do this at the meeting, but you’ll want to make the most of Kirsten’s presence at the meeting – IMO, that’s not cutting out rectangles and fusing interfacing.
  4. Try the pattern! Yes, give it a go. This is a great way to challenge yourself, and an even better way to come with specific questions. You might surprise yourself with your progress, and you’ll have a better shot at completing the bag during the meeting if you get a head start. As a point of reference, Kirsten spends about 2 hours on each bag she’s made, and she’s done a lot. She will have several bags in different stages to show us some of the trickier steps, but think about how much more you learn by doing! We don’t want anyone to come in with too-high expectations, so we’re throwing this disclaimer out there now that you might (probably) won’t finish your bag without starting before our meeting.

Full Supply List Sew Together Bag Materials List:

  1. Exterior fabric: 1 fat quarter
  2. Lining fabric: 1/2 yd
  3. Pocket lining: 1/3 yd
  4. Binding fabric 1 fq or 1/4 yd
  5. 1/2 yd fusible lightweight interfacing
  6. 18″ x 22″ piece of fusible fleece
  7. 18″ zipper
  8. Three 9″ zippers
  9. (I do highly recommend cutting the exterior fabric piece 1″ longer than the pattern’s measurement on the longer side)
Per Kirsten  – Sew Together Workshop supply list:
  1. Sewing machine and basic supplies (thread, seam ripper, scissors etc.)
  2. Zipper foot for machine
  3. Walking foot if you have one(not essential, but makes things easier)
  4. Iron
  5. Elmer’s School Glue and thin glue tip, recommended
  6. Sew Together Bag pattern and materials
  7. Ruler (at least 12″ long)
  8. Cutting mat
  9. Rotary cutter
  10. Removable marking pencil/chalk/ink
  11. Wonder Clips or pins



Are you ready to swap some amazing projects this year? Our Swap Chair Ana has a great year planned for us, let’s take a look…

  1. JANUARY  (past)
    • Journal cover with book
      • “I found a Graph Composition book at Office Max, for $2.98, or you could by a Composition book at the Dollar Store for 1.00” -Ana
  3.  MARCH
  4. APRIL
  5.  MAY
  6.   JUNE
    • Bunting  (Freedom, Liberty, USA or Red White and Blue))
    • (or just Google Bunting)
  7.  JULY
  8.  AUGUST
  9.  SEPTEMBER   Mini Charm  (2 ½)  Swap   or    Charm Pack (5”) Swap
  10.  OCTOBER
    • Pillow Cover  (Possibly secret swap)  Size 14” , 16”, or 18”
    • Sign up for Secret Swap will be July 1st.  and will close sign up August 31st.
    • L R C Game

Of course this schedule and patterns are subject to change, obligatory disclaimer. Make sure you come to meetings to hear the latest and see all of the lovely things everyone swaps – you won’t want to miss out!

January Meeting Minutes

January 21, 2017 1-4pm

Mulqueen’s Sewing Center (Mesa)


  • Introduction of new members & guests
    • Guests: Laurie Gailey, Christina Nuckols
    • New members: Kim Johnson, Valerie Bledso

Secretary Report

  • Approval of December 2016  meeting minutes
  • Other announcements
    • Mulqueen’s handed out 15% discount cards

President Report

  • Brief review of the agenda for 2017
    • January – jelly roll race for charity
    • February – sew together bag – Kirsten Nelson
    • March – Guest lecturer – Carrie Bloomston – talking about creativity and fabric design process
    • April – Slow sew at The Farm at South Mountain
    • May – Lindsey Neill – sharing how her business got started and Modern Make Club projects
    • June – Sew Day – Sew Bella will be there with her quilt cart
    • July – QuiltCon charity quilt
    • August – Demo day/potluck
    • September – Great Modern Quilting bee season two
    • October – Quilt photos at Desert Oasis park, may start later in the afternoon so we have better light
    • November – elections, Ana will provide a cross cut block tutorial
    • December – potluck
  • Calendar on the website is updated with ALL events and details
  • January/February/March meetings will be at Mulqueens.  
  • March 25 – Latifah Safirr will be here for her Glam Clam workshop. We will take reservations next month.
  • We are working on another workshop for the fall.
  • March 2018 we will have a workshop with Anna Maria Horner.
  • Joint Shop Hop coming with the Tucson MQG.
  • Working on a destash/restash boutique. Details  to follow.
  • Rusty Barn Quilt show starting January 26th at the fairgrounds.
  • Block Lottery
    • Great idea borrowed from the Vegas MQG
    • Participation is optional
    • Participants bring blocks each month
    • Participants will get one ticket for each block brought
    • Our first block will be the scrappy pineapple block from the Dear Stella website
    • Make the block scrappy with a white background
    • Every block you bring gets you a raffle ticket, winner takes home all the blocks!
  • Sip N Sew (Evites will go out)
    • January 26th (Thursday)  6-8pm @
    • February 22nd (Wednesday) 6-8pm @
    • March 22nd (Wednesday) 6-8pm @
  • Sew In (Evites will go out)
    • Chandler PD Community Room 10am-4pm
    • January 28th (Saturday)
    • February 26th (Sunday)
    • March 25th (Saturday)

Vice President Report

  • 2017 Guild Swag Info
    • Project Bags – banker type bags with the logo will be available for purchase.

Treasurer Report

  • Pay 2017 Dues by January 31st to stay on the roster.
  • Balance as of last meeting $
  • Money in: $1190.00
  • Money out: $1000.00
  • New balance: $


Committee Announcements

  • Block of the Month [Melissa]
    • Smorgasblocks: No Y Seam Feathered Star by Eye Candy Quilts
  • Swap [Ana]
    • Pixie Basket Swap will be held after general meeting
    • February – Journal cover
  • Challenge [Kirsten]
    • 1st Quarter Challenge:  a project of your choice with Kona Color of the Year :Flamingo
    • Due at March meeting
  • Charity [Sharon]
    • Mito Quilts for Hope is looking for charity quilts with a goal of making a quilt for everyone with Mitochondrial Disease in the US and Canada.
    • Sunshine Acres – will provide details soon for the type of quilts they need
  • Bee [Nancy/Mary]
    • Sign ups and general announcements
    • Bee meets after meeting/before workshop
    • New bee will start in March
  • Hospitality [Amber]
    • Bring snacks on your birthday month

Door Prize Drawing

  • Winners
    • Nedra – Bonnie and Camille fabrics
    • Jen – Literary charm pack
    • Lindsey – Pure Bred charm pack
    • Mel – Michael Miller charm pack
    • Bonnie – Ruler stand (provided by Omnigrid)
    • Kim – Ruler (provided by Omnigrid)
    • Denise – 8×12 ruler (provided by Omnigrid)
    • Laurie – Rotary cutter and case (provided by Omnigrid)
    • Tracy – twin sized batting

Other Announcements

  • SHOW & TELL–What makes your piece modern?
  • Swap – Pixie basket swap
  • Vitamin D Bee

WORKSHOP – Jelly Roll Race


February Block Lottery


Feelin’ lucky Phoenix? Come to the February meeting and take your chances on our first ever Block Lottery!

Here’s how it works…

  1. A free-pattern block is chosen for every one to make in advance of the Lottery meeting
  2. You can make as many blocks as you wish to contribute to the lottery with your stash of modern, quilt-shop quality fabric
  3. For every block you bring to the designated meeting, you will get one raffle ticket for the Block Lottery, and we will draw for one lucky winner!

Sound like fun? Here’s a link to the lovely pineapple block we’re going to feature at the February meeting. Keep in mind that you only have to make the block, and not the sashing for the entire mini-quilt, through Step C. Any colors for your pineapple are fine, we just ask that you use a white background, Kona Snow or similar.

January Meeting Reminder & Jelly Roll Race

Just a reminder that our first meeting of the year is this Saturday, January 21st at the Mulqueen’s Clubhouse at 1:00pm. If you haven’t been to the clubhouse before, it is just to the west of the main building on Main St., across the canal. There should be plenty of parking directly in front of the clubhouse. You won’t want to miss this meeting – we have some very special things in store for our members!

Did someone say Jelly Roll Race? If you have one on hand, or if you can scare 40 2-1/2 inch WOF strips out of your stash, we’d like to help you complete a quilt top to start the year off right. This might be a great one to get the creative juices flowing and donate to charity! Read on for our take on what might be the fastest quilt top you’ll ever make.


  • Your sewing machine
  • 1 Jelly Roll or 40 – 2 ½” x WOF strips
  • Coordinating thread and a couple of pre-filled bobbins
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Thread Scissors/Snips
  • Enthusiasm and a little bit of friendly competition!

If you’ve never done or seen a Jelly Roll Race quilt top done before, check out this great video to see all of the fun you’re in for!

How the race will work:

  1. Set up your sewing area for success! After the business portion of the meeting concludes, competitors will set up their machines and get ready to race! No irons needed for the race, but if your personal preference is to use one, you certainly may.
  2. All competitors will rev up their engines and count out 40 strips (some rolls come with 44 or 42, and we want to make sure the competition is fair).
  3. After the official call of “1, 2, 3, go!”, competitors will chain piece their strips together at the short ends, either at 90 degrees, or on the bias, to make one long strip. Once all of the strips have become a mega-2 ½” strip, the two ends should be brought together, RST, and sewn down one edge, effectively halving the length of the strip. If your strip is twisted at the end, stop sewing at a comfortable point, and use your fabric shears to cut the strip (or strips, later on) straight across to the point that you estimate will be the bottom of your seam. This will get easier and less twisty as your quilt top grows.
  4. Continue folding your mega-strip in half and sewing RST until your top reaches approximately 50” x 64”, and make sure to stand up and shout out if you’re the first one to finish, because tah-dah, you’re done, you speedracer sewist! Take your completed top home, press seams in one direction, make that quilty sandwich, and quilt as desired!





2017 Membership Dues

Have you officially signed up for the guild in 2017?

Click here to fill out our membership form and make sure to continue to the payment page to complete your registration.

Local membership benefits include discounts at several local quilt shops, special rates and early sign up for any workshops our guild brings into town (we have some great ones in the works, you won’t want to miss out!), monthly meetings with educational and fun programming, and great opportunities to meet like-minded quilters in the valley.

Your membership to the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild automatically enrolls you as a member of the national MQG, which provides a great Block of the Month program, monthly free patterns, a webinar series, many, many resources on their website Community and Resource pages, and of course QuiltCon! You must be a 2017 member to sign up early for classes in Pasadena next year or to receive your free show pass for the quilt displays and vendor hall.

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