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Paper Piecing Challenge Coming Up Soon!

I hope you haven’t forgotten that our paper piecing challenge will be shared at our next meeting!  Here we are learning soda pop bottles and coffee cups from Alissa!


I know I have been paper piecing some fun blocks and random things now that I can and I have noticed a few pictures on so at least a few of you are doing some paper piecing!  Bring whatever project you have–even if it isn’t done–to show off and maybe even win a prize like the paper piecing pattern for Monet’s Waterlilies!


Picture borrowed from

Name Tags For Our Newer Members :)

For the past few months we have added about a half of dozen new members to our growing group.  We welcome you all!  That got me to thinking that you newbies must be tired of wearing the sticker name tags and maybe want one of your own!  Not long after we got organized we had a meeting in which we all made the name tag of our choice so we would have one to wear at every meeting.  We added ideas to our Pinterest board and some of our members created tutorials of their own ideas.  

Here is Alyssa’s from Pile O’ Fabric‘s tutorial which is the one I made-pictured above though modified from the original pattern. 
Here is Lisa’s from The Scrapbucket Quilter‘s tutorial.  You are welcome to make one of these, or make one of your own design or from some other source if you prefer.  And for those of you who may not have gotten around to making a name tag the first go round, maybe this post reminds you to have some fun and make one!

Member Spotlight # 3–Andee

 Member Spotlight–Angela (or Andee)
24052-angelaneffI live in Chandler with my partner, oldest son, a roommate, five dogs, a cat and a fish.  I am a sign language instructor and interpreter.  I love books, reading and sewing!
Needlebook designed by Pile o' Fabric

Needlebook designed by Pile o’ Fabric

Q: When did you start quilting?
A:  I learned to sew when I was twenty and made a few quilts (sans rotary cutter and mat) then but since I didn’t know what I was doing, I used cheap thread and they fell apart quickly (I had been sewing crafts and had no idea!) so I didn’t sew another quilt for many years.  Then in 2003 or so I decided to make a baby quilt for my good friend’s first grandchild.  That quilt (a spider web) got me hooked and I have been quilting ever since!
Q:  What would you tell a newbie that you wish you had known when you started?
A:  HA!  Don’t use cheap thread!
Q:  Have you always considered yourself a “modern” quilter?
A:  I love modern fabrics, patterns and quilts.  I try to make several every year.  I started out sewing  more with a line of fabric where everything was matchy matchy most of the time.  I didn’t really like scrappy quilts.  Then one day I stumbled upon Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville with all its free scrappy patterns and fabulous blog and suddenly I was inspired.  I reorganized my fabrics into Bonnie’s scrap system and found the joy of scrap quilting!  If I had to label myself I would say I am more of a scrap quilter and am more of a modern wannabe!
Q: What’s your favorite sewing/quilting tip?
A:  You can do anything step by step.  I would never have attempted some of the quilts I have made if I had known how complicated that would be (I love mystery q”uilts) and now that I have done several complicated quilts I know I can do whatever I set my mind to.
Q: Do you have a favorite quilt block, pattern or designer?
A:  Well Bonnie Hunter’s “Talkin’ Turkey” is my current favorite pattern.  I am doing it as a Rainbow Scrap Challenge Block of the Month and each block just makes me smile.  I also love Carrie Nelson’s Scnibbles and have made quite a few.  Modern quilt wise I LOVE Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr of FunQuilts Modern Quilt Studio Denyse Schmidt.  I really want to try a transparency quilt one of these days.
Q: Do you have a favorite notion or tool you can’t quilt without?
A:  Does my featherweight count?  I have five machines–one is a super fancy Husqvarna Designer Diamond and I still prefer my featherweight.
Q:  Do you quilt your own quilts?
A:  I do straight stitch quilt or tie some of the baby quilts or smaller quilts, I don’t really enjoy that part of the process so I mostly quilt by check.  My friend Ros Atwood quilts most of my quilts and never fails to delight me!
Q: What’s your favorite part of the quilting process?
A:   Picking up the quilt 🙂  I love the piecing.
Q: What part of the quilting process do you dislike or struggle with?
A:   Not crazy for binding but love seeing a project through to completion.  I have very few UFO’s because I am a finisher.  I do have lots of WIPS but they will all get done.
Q:  Do you design your own quilts?
A:  No!  I always say I am a pattern follower.  I sometimes have an idea but just don’t have that creative mind to turn it into anything.  I am so thankful so many folks are talented beyond belief so I will always have lots of great patterns to choose from.
Q: What inspires you to create?
A:  I have a hard time doing “nothing” so I keep pretty busy and I think that drives me to sew.
Q: Do you do any other crafts? Which ones?
A  I used to do counted cross stitch, I went through a basket weaving phase and a stamping phase, I made scrapbooks for each of my kids upon their high school graduations (I DO NOT recommend waiting til senior year!).  I also crochet some and love to knit.
Q: How many quilts have you made?
A:  I number my quilts and am up to 208.
Q: What are you working on now?
A:  Talkin’ Turkey Rainbow BOM, Jack in the Box Rainbow BOM, Hawaii Sunset, Lazy Sunday Mystery from Quiltmaker, Kalidescope of Kolor BOM from 35th Ave., Wild and Goosey Paper Piecing, and the Drunkard’s Path Quiltalong Quilt (to name a few).
Q:  What do you wish you knew how to do (quilt related) and hope to learn?
A:  I want to learn just about anything and everything.
Q:  Do you have quilt related business that you want to share with us?
A:  Nope but I do blog at if you want to visit me there 🙂
Double Delight Mystery Quilt designed by Bonnie Hunter
 Member Spotlight # 3
Flock of Triangles designed by Denyse Schmidt
Please cut and paste, then answer the above questions and email them back to as soon as you can along with at least one picture of you and at least one picture of a quilt or your sewing area, family, etc. whatever you want to share.  I would like to be able to do a Member Spotlight blog post weekly but I need your help! Angela

Drunkard’s Path QAL – Planning Your Quilt

Ok, sorry for the not-so-short break in QAL posts…

This week we are discussing cutting and piecing methods and going over fabric requirements!

This is probably one of the very best tutorials I have seen for making a quilt using the basic Drunkard’s path block. In fact, this tutorial probably makes any other instruction we can give you obsolete and redundant. Though, I did prefer pressing all of my seams toward the outer circle of my blocks instead of alternating. But we are also going to show you other methods you can use for cutting and stitching your blocks.
AmandaJean’s (Crazy Mom’s) Running in Circles Tutorial

Cutting Methods
There are several methods you can use to cut out your Drunkard’s path blocks. You can use a plastic template set, like in AmandaJean’s tutorial, you can use a Sizzix or AccuQuilt Go! cutter, or you could even make your blocks as full circles and then cut them into quarters, making 4 DP blocks at one time, as explained in this blog post tutorial. (

We have had offers from a couple guild members to help out with cutting:
Jamie has offered up use of her Accuquilt Go! and has dies for 7” and 3 1/2” finished size drunkards blocks. She is willing to bring her Go! to one of our meetings for others to use. There would be a small fee ($5-$10 depending on how many passes you need to make).
Kirsten’s husband has a laser cutter, and is willing to cut out templates. That would also include a small fee to cover the cost of the acrylic, approximately $10, but will depend on size of template.

Fabric Requirements
Each method of cutting will have different fabric requirements. We have used a plastic template set to cut the blocks for our quilts. We will be giving fabric requirements and instructions for this specific quilt:

Kirsten’s quilt has 6” finished size blocks, and the quilt finishes at 48” x 60”. To make this quilt, you will need:
1 3/4 yards of the outer curve fabric (navy). Kirsten used 10 different fabrics, with 6 1/2” x width of material cuts of each fabric.
1 1/2 yards of the inner curve fabric (pink). Kirsten used 10 different fabrics, with 5 1/4” x width of material cuts of each fabric.

If you want to use a different method, or want a different size, etc,  you will have to plan for different fabric requirements. If you are new to all of this or just need some help figuring out your fabric, shoot us an email and we will help you out. Kirsten is really good at this part 🙂

Piecing Methods
While we could try to shoot a video with one of us piecing the blocks, there would probably be more giggling and kids screaming in the background than an actual informative video, so I did some searching around and found some tutorials and videos to help you decide which method to use and how to use them.
This is a link to a blog post about curved piecing. Near the end of the post, there’s a great tip for sewing curves. It’s not specifically for Drunkard’s Path blocks, but could definitely be adapted for sewing your DP blocks. To adapt for our purposes, you would cut a paper the size/shape of your quarter circle half of your plastic template set to use in place of the paper pattern piece she uses in the blog post. Then draw a line 1/4″ from the curved edge of the paper pattern to stitch. This would be a little fussy to set up because you can’t just lay down a straight ruler on a curved edge to get the line 1/4″ from the edge of the paper, but it is do-able and might help if you don’t have much experience with sewing curves. This would also be most useful if you are pinning your pieces together pretty thoroughly before you stitch.

This is another blog post for curved piecing and is specifically using a Drunkard’s Path block. It includes a video that I think is pretty good and it’s pretty short, a little over 3 minutes. This is the method of piecing that I have primarily used for my blocks.

Video for using Curve Master. I haven’t ever used a Curve Master but I do have one. Sadly, I don’t have the shank extension required for my newer machine…yet.

Another video for piecing curves, not using pins. This video is a little long, 13 minutes, but has great information.

Another video showing cutting with an AccuQuilt Go! cutter and piecing with a CurveMaster foot. This isn’t my favorite video, but it demo’s the AccuQuilt Go! cutter, which is a cutting method you  might choose. And it also shows how fast the Curve Master can be for piecing. And it’s a really short video, about 3 minutes.

Where the pieces in the videos show little notches or arrows on the cut pieces, those pieces have most likely been cut using a die cutting tool like a AccuQuilt Go! cutter. If you don’t use one of those tools to cut your pieces, but you still want the notches, to show your centers, you can fold your pieces and mark with a tiny snip, mark with a marking pen of your preference, or just fold and pinch to create a little crease to mark your center.

So, now you have some (more) decisions to make and possibly some accessories to purchase. Templates, AccuQuilt Go!, Sizzix, Curve Master.
Get your fabric and tools ready! Next week we start cutting!

June 2013 Meeting Minutes

Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild MEETING MINUTES
Date:  June 15th, 2013
How many people present-30
1:15 PM Call  to Order by President Tiffany
New members introduced themselves-Florence, Kim, Kelli, Janice and Denise. 
Thanks to Becca and Theresa for bringing snacks.
Be on the lookout for a blog post with bylaw changes, we will be voting on them in July.
Treasurer’s Report:
Previous Balance $985.78
Chairperson/Committee Reports: 
Angela reminded about next challenge-Paper Piecing for July
Chelsa announced zipper swap for August, she will blog about size requirements, etc.  soon.
Kirstin and Tracy-Quiltalong info has been blogged, another post coming soon.
Nedra-Show and Tell will resume in August.
Break to grab snack and go to small groups. 
Danny-Vitamin D Bee-the next Bee Queen is Nancy.  She picked a block from “Hexa Go Go” and asked the group to make her the center part of the block which is a hand sewn hexi flower.  One member brought Allisa’s block, the others will bring that next month since Alissa is out of town.
Chelsa-Favorite Things Swap-Ten members participated in this month’s swap.  Favorite things included fabric, rulers and patterns. 
Secretary’s Report: Meeting Minutes from May 18th, 2013 approved and seconded. 
1:30 PM Activity:   Workshop:  Cristy teaches Applique
Cristy brought many inspirational quilts with applique to show and pass around.  She showed us step by step how to do applique for the cup cozy pattern.  She gave tons of great tips and offered individual help and a no rush approach to applique. 
Giveaways were drawn.  Nedra won the Pink Chalk fabric bundle and $20.00 gift certificate.  Denise won a bundle of fabrics donated by Bari.  Tiffany won a pattern donated by Bari. Tracy won a pattern donated by Cristy. 

**Any errors or changes to these minutes, please email