What is Modern Quilting? How are we different from other local guilds?

Modern quilting is not easily defined. Weeks Ringle, a designer of modern quilts before modern quilts came into vogue, says modern quilters are “expressive of the time in which we live” which is most certainly true. We are busy working, raising children, being daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers but like the traditional quilters before us, we still feel a need to create. Each of us has a slightly different version of what modern quilting looks like for us individually.
Our creations may look different than those who quilted before us, since modern quilters are not so much replicating what previous quilters have done but are instead exploring new paths and putting their own spin on the traditional art of quilting. Sometimes the fabrics used update the look or feel of the quilt, sometimes it is the size or arrangement of the blocks or the lack of blocks and use of “negative space” which is often grey or white. Other times it is the bold solid colors or graphic prints of the fabric in the quilt that makes it modern. In any case, these quilts look different than most of the quilts of previous generations.
Modern quilters use modern tools to create their quilts. Some of these modern quilters piece following patterns and others create their own patterns. Sometimes this is done precisely and other times in a very wonky or improvisational way. These quilters also quilt in a wide variety of ways, some of them surprisingly fresh and fun. Often this is done on home sewing machines.
The attitude of these quilters is that everyone and his or her creations are important and valued. There are no quilt police and modern quilters seek to be inclusive of everyone.

Where and when does the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild meet?

We meet the third Saturday of every month, usually at 1 PM. The location rotates across the valley; the blog and embedded calendar have the most current information for meetings and special events.

Can I try out the PHXMQG before joining?

Guests are welcome to attend one general meeting per year for free, but are expected to become dues-paying members if they would like to attend any future events of the guild which include monthly meetings as well as any and all other activities put on by the PHXMQG. Guests are also welcome to participate in the PHXMQG through social media sites, such as the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild blog, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest and other social media sites as they are created.

Are children allowed at the meetings?

Unfortunately, individuals under the age of 18 are not allowed at a PHXMQG function unless they are babies. Please request a copy of our Bylaws from any officer.

What are the benefits of being a member?

Members are allowed entry to all monthly membership meetings at no additional
cost; except for special programs where extra costs may be necessary such as speaking engagements, field trips, optional kits or supplies, etc.
Members may link their blogs to the PHXMQG’s website. Members may vote in all elections. Members may be a committee chairperson or be on a committee.
Members will get membership cards and will get special discounts from specific local quilt shops for being a card carrying member. Sometimes we have giveaways or door prizes that you can win at meetings. You will be part of a great community and meet other like minded quilters who also love modern quilting and make great contacts.

How do I become a member?

Membership is open to any person age 18 or older who agrees to the bylaws of the PHXMQG, pays their annual dues in person at our monthly meeting or online here.

How much does a membership cost?

Annual membership to the PHXMQG costs $35.00 per year and is due in January of the same calendar year. New members joining after June 1 of a given year shall pay a reduced amount of $20.

What if I want to teach a workshop or class to the PHXMQG?

If you would like to teach a class or workshop, please email the Guild President explaining what you would like to teach or demonstrate and a member of the PHXMQG board will reply to your request.
We welcome and invite anyone with extensive industry experience or advanced quilting skills to come share your knowledge with our guild. We are happy to have you.

Why are we meeting in the East Valley?

The majority of the participants (at the time of our establishment) live in the East Valley. We had several discussions and took a vote among the members and determined we would meet in the East Valley. Members from other areas were willing to drive. If in the future, any members would like to start a chapter in another part of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area such as West or North Phoenix, they are free to do so. The Executive Board of the PHXMQG would be happy to help you get started.

What do we do at the PHXMQG monthly meetings?

Our monthly meetings are a time for members of the modern quilting community in Phoenix to meet in person to build relationships with one another as well as participate in various quilting related activities. We have a mix and mingle time at the beginning of each meeting as everyone arrives. Then we hold the “official business” portion of our meeting where we have announcements, approve the previous month’s minutes, share various reports and conduct any business matter as needed. Then we move into our activity for that month. The activites range from things like swaps, bees, challenges, workshops, charity sew ins, demo days and round robins. We also plan to have several local modern quilt celebs speak to us or teach a skill at our meetings. After the activity, if time permits, we have show and tell where members can “show off” what they have been working on that month. We sometimes end our meetings with an open sew period.

What do we do at the November Annual Election and Organizational Meeting?

The purpose of this meeting is to hold Executive Board Elections as well as appoint committee members , vote on proposed changes to dues and fees, review and amend PHXMQG Bylaws as necessary, review the previous year’s activity, and discuss plans for the up-coming year. Bring your ideas to this meeting and help us plan the coming year.

Where can I find the meeting minutes?

The monthly,  meeting minutes are posted on the PHXMQG website within 7 days. Just enter the term “meeting minutes” into the search bar on our home page and all the previous minutes will be listed.