Glam Clam

Congrats on making it in to the Glam Clam class!

The class will be held 10a-5p, with an hour break for lunch at Mulqueen’s in the Clubhouse.

We have a special (use your best Oprah voice) DISCOUNT CODE from Latifah for supplies from her shop.


Important points:

  1. You will need a copy of the pattern
  2. You will need a Clammy template
    1. 8″ or 12″ – see note from L below
  3. And you will need to gather the usual the rest of the things, also in her lovely note, below.
  4. She HIGHLY suggested doing the prep work and not wasting class time cutting (in case you didn’t bother to read the note… See a trend?)
  5. There is a flat-rate shipping fee for everything in her shop. I will be placing an order next Wednesday (the 8th) if you want in on it. Email if you would like to be included.
  6. Sorry, we can’t do any last minute cancellations or refunds! If you’d like to make arrangements on your own to have someone replace your spot, you’re more than welcome to!

(click for .pdf if you are on a mobile device or tablet)