April Meeting Minutes

April 15, 2017 1-4pm

Chandler PD Community Room


  • Introduction of new members & guests
    • Anita Peters – friend of Brooke
    • Debbie of Elkhorn Quilts
    • SewBella in June
    • We will try to schedule Elkhorn Quilt Co at a later meeting this year!

Secretary Report

  • Approval of March 2017 meeting minutes
  • PSA – PHX Public Library card, access to their magazine collection on Zinio, download on your tablet current and back issues of:
    • American Patchwork & Quilting
    • Love Patchwork & Quilting (UK)
    • Modern Patchwork
  • Sip n Sew – join us for an evening of hand sewing!
    • May 31st @ The Village 44th St & Camelback drop in as you can after work, roughly 5:30-8p

President Report

  • May Meeting Info
  • Teresa is working on putting together the destash/restash event
    • Looking at September, October
    • Open to the public
    • Please contact secretary@phoenixmodernquiltguild.com if you have any ideas for spaces, and we will connect you with Teresa
  • September Shop Hop: we will be taking an interest list for a bus to take us & members of Tucson MQG around town for shop hop and lunch.  More info next month after we price out buses.
  • Block Lottery

Treasurer Report

  • Balance as of last meeting $ 4,053.59
  • Money in: $77
  • Money out: $10
  • New balance: $ 3,433.26

 Committee Announcements

  • Block of the Month [Melissa]
    • Presented this month’s block
    • April
      • Scandy Windmill – by No Hats Quilts
      • Curved piecing
      • Some paper piecing on the points, went together really well
      • Coloring page included for auditioning
      • Paper piece templates in the handout
      • Takes a little longer than the other blocks, but really good looking when finished
    • Swap [Ana]
      • Travel bag swap will be held after general meeting
      • Announce next swap
        • Casserole carrier or large trivets, any size
        • For trivets, can put in sound board (like Cristy’s ironing thing), or buy cork board from a craft store
        • Trivet link has been fixed
    • Challenge [Kirsten]
      • 2nd Quarter Challenge Reminder
      • Take your initials (first, middle, last) and go find paint chips that start with the same letters, primary focus
      • Can add in neutral background colors
      • Here is a link to a list of all the color names carried by Sherwin Williams, I found it easier to scan this list than to search by my initials (if you want to let your finders do the walking instead of going to the paint store!)
      • Due in June
    • Charity [Sharon]
      • No announcements
    • Bee [Nancy/Mary]
      • Room for one more -11 current members
    • Hospitality [Amber]
      • No announcements

Guest Speaker:  Carrie Bloomston



March Meeting Minutes

March 18, 2017 1-4pm

The Farm at South Mountain


  • Thank you to all members who braved the heat! Who knew March would be so unseasonably hot on the third Saturday?! We put in a request for more pleasant weather, but I guess it wasn’t processed in time 😉
  • Introduction of new members & guests

Secretary Report

  • Approval of February 2017 meeting minutes
    • Motion by Kate, Second by Becca
  • Last chance to sign up for Latifah class!
    • If you group ordered, I have your supplies upon payment
    • If you are attending, make sure to review the project page for final details and prep before class!
    • We will be meeting at Mulqueens Clubhouse, 10-5 with a break for lunch
    • There are a couple areas set for ironing and cutting, but we suggest bringing your own iron/cut station.
  • Just a reminder, for the most up-to-date information on our PHX Guild, refer to the blog. It’s updated the most frequently, and since not everyone does the social media thing, it’s the best place for me to devote efforts
    • The events calendar is up to date! Locations and times for upcoming events are listed on the Events page, as well as in the live calendar on the page.
    • IG is somewhat monitored – we try to post reminders, but with the new feed style, you might not see everything
    • FB – we are still having issues with Admin access, so it might not be the best place to get a hold of an officer
    • Emails are monitored pretty regularly if you have a question
  • Wee-treat class voting email was sent, missing a 4 responses as of Friday, voting will close April 1, and in the event of a tie, I’ll flip a coin. Once the class has been decided, there will be another email with supply information sent.
  • Amber will auto-check in ppl for wee treat, there will be a communication coming from her soon.

President Report

  • April Meeting Info:  Carrie Bloomston will be giving a lecture.  We will be meetng at teh Chandler Police Station Community Room
  • Block Lottery for April
  • Sip N Sew March 22nd (Wednesday) 6-8pm @ The Village 

Vice President Report

  • Nothing today

Treasurer Report

  • Beginning balance $3066.47
  • Money in $1205.00
  • Money out $217.88
  • End balance $4053.59


Committee Announcements

  • Block of the Month [Melissa]
    • Robert Hoffman, available on website, choose and complete any 4 blocks, foundation paper piecing, add quarter inch on outside edge, questions to Mel on IG @mamamel781 , choose your colors and ignore the “requirements” from RH
  • Challenge [Kirsten]
    • 1st Quarter Challenge Complete – who has them to show 
    • Announce 2nd quarter challenge – Crayon Box challenge
      • Holly H will execute the Q2 challenge
  • Charity [Sharon]
    • No announcements
  • Bee [Nancy/Mary]
    • Meet after general meeting
  • Hospitality [Amber]
    • No announcements
  • Swap [Ana]

Door Prize Drawing

  • Congrats to our guest for winning the fabulous Quilt-Non prize!
  • Congrats to Ana and Nancy for winning the block lottery!

Slow Sewing & Social Time at The Farm



February Meeting Minutes

February 18, 2017 1-4pm at Mulqueen’s Sewing Center (Mesa)

  • Introduction of new members & guests
  • Secretary Report
    • Approval of January 2017 meeting minutes
    • Details on Latifah Workshop in March
      • If you are a member as of 12 noon on February 28th, you will get an email soon with instructions to sign up and a password for the class. Please be respectful of the advantage we are trying to give timely paid members and do not share the password with others.
      • March 25th, a Saturday, all day
      • Held in Mulqueens Clubhouse
      • Open to members first for $100, later to non-members for $125
      • Limited to 20 spots
    • Let us know in March if you did not get your PHXMQG membership card and you would like one
  • President Report
    • March Meeting Info: Slow Sewing at the Farm @ South Mountain
    • April will now by Carrie Bloomston lecture, TBD; likely at Scottsdale civic center library.
      • Free to members, $5 for guests
      • May is Lindsay Neil of Pen & Paper Patterns, location: Mulqueens
      • Wee-Treat in Strawberry AZ: sign up if you haven’t already, details were emailed out.
        • See Amber for more info
    • MQG Info
      • Quilton East is next weekend
  • Block Lottery
    • Draw raffle ticket for February winner of the Pineapple Blocks!!!
  • Sip N Sew (Evites will go out)
    • March 22nd (Wednesday) 6-8pm @ TBD
  • Sew In (Evites will go out)
    • Chandler PD Community Room 10am-4pm
    • Dates TBD
  • Treasurer Report
    • Reminder to Pay 2017 Dues
    • Balance as of last meeting $2576.47
      • Money in: $490.00
      • Money out: $0
    • New balance: $3066.47
  • Committee Announcements
  • Block of the Month [Melissa]
    • Raspberry Kiss block, 4.25” finished, make 7
    • See tutorial and picture for instructions
  • Swap [Ana]
    • Journal Cover Swap will be held after general meeting
    • Next swap will be a lanyard AND keyfob. See instructions linked in previous Swap post
  • Challenge [Kirsten]
    • 1st Quarter Challenge: Kona Color of the Year
    • Due at March Meeting
  • Charity [Sharon]
    • Still coordinating with hospital, stay tuned
    • Longarm services available for charity quilts (like your jelly rolls). See Resources Page for contact info of member Charlene
  • Bee [Nancy/Mary]
    • Bee meets after meeting/before workshop
    • Still spots left for 2017 bee!
  • Other Announcements
  • SHOW & TELL–What makes your piece modern?
  • Swap
  • Vitamin D Bee
  • Adjournment

February Sew-Together Bag Clinic

Have you ever admired the Sew-Together bags of some of our crew? How everything nicely fits in the zippy pockets and pouches, and stays together for travel! But they’re intimidating to think about making, let’s be honest. Mine sat in a WIP pile for a year. There, I said it.

Well, that extra push you might have been waiting for is coming at the February meeting, and her name is Kirsten. For those of you who don’t know, K is basically a pro at these bags – and a great person to help coach you through your first one, so that’s exactly what we’ve asked her to do. Interested in tapping into her expertise, here’s all you need to do:

  1. Buy the Sew-Together bag pattern. Craftsy is the easiest place for a .pdf download, but there should be paper copies available online and from some brick-and-mortars in the area if you want to call around.
  2. Get your supplies! You’ll need some interfacing and zippers in addition to your fabrics – so make sure to plan ahead. There are some great online resources for zippers if you want something special (here and here), in addition to local big box stores.
  3. We highly suggest you CUT, label your pieces, and INTERFACE BEFORE the meeting. Sure, you could do this at the meeting, but you’ll want to make the most of Kirsten’s presence at the meeting – IMO, that’s not cutting out rectangles and fusing interfacing.
  4. Try the pattern! Yes, give it a go. This is a great way to challenge yourself, and an even better way to come with specific questions. You might surprise yourself with your progress, and you’ll have a better shot at completing the bag during the meeting if you get a head start. As a point of reference, Kirsten spends about 2 hours on each bag she’s made, and she’s done a lot. She will have several bags in different stages to show us some of the trickier steps, but think about how much more you learn by doing! We don’t want anyone to come in with too-high expectations, so we’re throwing this disclaimer out there now that you might (probably) won’t finish your bag without starting before our meeting.

Full Supply List Sew Together Bag Materials List:

  1. Exterior fabric: 1 fat quarter
  2. Lining fabric: 1/2 yd
  3. Pocket lining: 1/3 yd
  4. Binding fabric 1 fq or 1/4 yd
  5. 1/2 yd fusible lightweight interfacing
  6. 18″ x 22″ piece of fusible fleece
  7. 18″ zipper
  8. Three 9″ zippers
  9. (I do highly recommend cutting the exterior fabric piece 1″ longer than the pattern’s measurement on the longer side)
Per Kirsten  – Sew Together Workshop supply list:
  1. Sewing machine and basic supplies (thread, seam ripper, scissors etc.)
  2. Zipper foot for machine
  3. Walking foot if you have one(not essential, but makes things easier)
  4. Iron
  5. Elmer’s School Glue and thin glue tip, recommended
  6. Sew Together Bag pattern and materials
  7. Ruler (at least 12″ long)
  8. Cutting mat
  9. Rotary cutter
  10. Removable marking pencil/chalk/ink
  11. Wonder Clips or pins



Are you ready to swap some amazing projects this year? Our Swap Chair Ana has a great year planned for us, let’s take a look…

  1. JANUARY  (past)
    • Journal cover with book
      • “I found a Graph Composition book at Office Max, for $2.98, or you could by a Composition book at the Dollar Store for 1.00” -Ana
  3.  MARCH
  4. APRIL
  5.  MAY
  6.   JUNE
    • Bunting  (Freedom, Liberty, USA or Red White and Blue))
    • (or just Google Bunting)
  7.  JULY
  8.  AUGUST
  9.  SEPTEMBER   Mini Charm  (2 ½)  Swap   or    Charm Pack (5”) Swap
  10.  OCTOBER
    • Pillow Cover  (Possibly secret swap)  Size 14” , 16”, or 18”
    • Sign up for Secret Swap will be July 1st.  and will close sign up August 31st.
    • L R C Game

Of course this schedule and patterns are subject to change, obligatory disclaimer. Make sure you come to meetings to hear the latest and see all of the lovely things everyone swaps – you won’t want to miss out!